Your holidays in Ascea, Cilento coast

Renting rooms at the Centenario, on the Cilento coast, it is born from the idea of running a modern property located in the historical center of Ascea Capital to provide confort and good hospitality.

Overlooking the beaches of Marina di Ascea , bathed by the cleaned sea, recognized by an award called Blue Flag, a few minutes away by car or local bus, it consists of three newly renovated rooms very modern and functional, independent bathroom with sophisticated and refined finishes.

The agreements concluded with restaurateurs, artisans and various local activities, will give the opportunity to all guests to immerse themselves in the context of Cilento in a tour that covers several fields: culture, gastronomy, the natural territory, the traditions, the artistic and archaeological and human resources, unique and spectacular.

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Investment made with the financial support of the PSR Campania 2007/2013 - Mis. 41, 413, 3, 1, 2